Renting a car in Belarus

IS-CAR – is the best car-renting service in Belarus, which is proved by the diploma of the independent “Number One” award. What makes this company the best one? Car-renting service IS-CAR is lead by the client’s wishes and comfort, not making him fit the strict framework of rules and standards. Renting a car at IS-CAR in Minsk, Belarus, is simple, convenient and honest.

Only new cars

Our car fleet consists of new cars only, all of them less than 5 years old. The cars are all in faultless working order, comfortable and safe. We offer cars of various classes: from compact and economy to crossovers, minivans and premium sedans. It is up to you to choose a particular car, and the rented car will fully satisfy your expectations.

Delivering the car to the airport

If you arrive in Belarus through airport «Minsk» and rent a car for at least three days or you have already used our service before, the delivery of the chosen car to the airport will be absolutely free of charge, and really convenient: you will be met in the arrival zone by our manager, sign the contract, pay for the rental and leave a deposit ($50-$100) in cash or by card, all on the spot. Then the manager will take you to the rented car.

Returning the car at the airport

To return the car at the airport Minsk-1 you just have to arrange a meeting with our manager at the departures terminal right before your flight and leave the car at the parking near the terminal. The examination of the car, its return and closing the deal will be carried out right near the departure terminal at the airport, not at a distant parking lot. You won’t have to call the manager and carry your luggage all the way from a far-away parking lot.

Navigator and baby-seat free of charge

IS-CAR does not charge any additional fee for renting a navigator and a baby-seat.

No need to return the car with a full tank

A foreign visitor to Belarus might find it inconvenient to search for a gas-station to fill the tank before the return of the car. You just need to inform the manager about the approximate amount of fuel left in the tank. Extra charge for fuel will be simply taken from your deposit at a fair price – the same as you would pay at any gas station. IS-CAR does not apply any “indices” or fines for returning a not fully filled car.

Car wash

You also don’t have to waste time on washing the car before its return. You can return the car as it is. For washing the car and cleaning the interior you will be charged a fair price of just $10.

Prolonging the rent by phone

If the client needs to prolong the term of the rent, he can do it by simply calling the office of IS-CAR. It is not required to visit the office, re-sign the contract or pay anything extra.

Replacing the car on the day of request

IS-CAR will also do its best to replace the rented car as fast as possible and without unnecessary formalities in case of emergency, breakage or car-accident. The Company will deliver another car of a similar class on the same day to any place in Belarus. 

Car rent in Minsk and Belarus is fast and simple

Car Rental “IS-CAR”  is open for you 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.

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